Hydraulic Machines toys

Excavator wooden model

Comers complete with all pieces.
Glue included.
Excavator stands 30 cm high when completed.
Dimension of color box: 26 cm x 17 cm x 5.5 cm.
Packing: 24 pcs/ctn, GW: 7 KGS/ctn, 2.44 cuft/ct


Excavators are big machines that are used to dig holes and move earth. This model uses the same principles as those used in the real situations, except you use water instead of hydraulic fluid (and this machine is much smaller and made of wood.)

There are many styles of excavator, This kit uses a first and third class lever to make the arms and shovel move. Once built, it provides an excellent example of how we use technology to dig up things. Great fun for kids to learn about hydraulics and simple machines, including interesting levers