Plantarium & Antquarium


Plantarium© is a line of products derived from aerospace technologyfor long term space travels, and created in TAOS UG laboratories, in order to recreate nutritive and non-­‐toxic culture media for the life of vegetable and animal ecosystems.
The Seeds Gel is a new and clever product that allows children to have always a little green house in classroom. A plexiglass container, containing a special nutritive gel that can be used to sow and to see grow the life of a plant.
Plantarium can provides tools and resources that help teachers and community leaders use gardening as a method to enhance education and foster environmentally responsible.

NASA and other space organizations are interested in growing plants during space missions for many of the same reasons that we grow plants on earth:

•Food Gardening•Carbon dioxide scrubbing
•Air purification•Oxygen generation

In addition to very pragmatic life-support reasons, growing plants in space provides opportunities for the same psychological and aesthetic support for astronauts that we earthlings enjoy.

Most space projects assume that plants will be grown without soil. There are several methods that have been developed to grow plants without soil in a controlled growing environment. It turns out that plants can thrive without soil, but they do need light, moisture, and nutrients.

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