Da Vinci Mini Laser Kits

Da Vinci Mini Bombard model

Ages 8+
Dimensions once built: 12 x 6 x 10 cm


As well as being an artist , Leonardo was a military engineer who drew many designs of weapons for the Dukes of his time.
This bombard re-creates one of Leonardo's iconic images of a cannon and exploding cannonballs.
Launch small projectiles and re-live those whimsical Renaissance days!( Yes, we expect there was a good amount of whimsy back then!)
It really works-but mostly to defend against invading Lego warriors!

-Easy to make in about 30 minutes
-MDF wood pre-cut and ready to assemble(some glue needed)
-Great STEM kit to learn about levers and simple machines,combined with history and launching things- awesome!