How to assemble the model?

December 23,2019
Building models is a fun hobby that requires lots of time and patience. It is a rewarding experience, with a cool model to show off at the end. There is a trick to building models correctly, however. The included instructions can only teach you so much, but with more guidance and additional information, you can create a truly impressive model!


Inspecting and Painting the Parts

Chances are, you'll see a bunch of boxes, like in a comic strip, with illustrations inside them. Each of these boxes refers to a part that you have to build first, using smaller pieces. Once you assemble all of the parts, you can put them together to complete the model


Clean the parts with soapy water while they're still attached to the frame

Fill a plastic tub with warm water, then stir in a pump of dish soap. Dunk the frames into the water, then lift them out. Rinse them with fresh water, then set them aside to dry.


Choose your lightest color, then stir the paint for 1 minute

Decide what colors you want to paint your model, then buy the paints from the modeling section of a craft store. Choose the lightest color, open it, and stir it with a toothpick or skewer for 1 minute

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