4 Key Points to Choose Educational Toys

September 20,2022
4 Key Points to Choose Educational Toys

Which educational toys can bring wisdom to children? In this article, we will share the 4 key points of choosing educational toys with you based on our many years of experiences in manufacturing wooden toys. In addition to thinking from the perspective of parents, we should also stand in children’s shoes. A good educational toy can enlighten children in the game. What features should it have? If you would like to develop and produce educational toys which are suitable for your consumers, check the 4 key points in the following article.


What are the benefits of educational toys for school-age children?

The importance of educational toys is that these kind of toys can stimulate children’s brains through playing and give them enlightenment while they are still in the stage of brain development. By the means of playing, children can also build coordination, problem-solving and logical thinking ability beforehand so that they would not resist when they get to know more about schoolwork, different groups of people or encounter with obstacles and be relaxed when learning new things.



Four main points for choosing educational toys

When choosing educational toys, parents always care about what the toys could bring to their children. For example, logical inspiration would help in future classes, creative thinking would help the development of artistic skills in the future, or concentration would help him improve the stability when dealing with things as well as studying in the future...etc. Here are the 4 main points that parents often take into consideration when choosing educational toys.




The main purpose of educational toys is to inspire children's thinking ability. Through the process of playing educational toys, children can be enlightened in their early stages no matter in logical thinking ability, memory or inspiration of being creative. This will also help their academic progress and daily life later. Furthermore, it could not only take a load off parents’ minds about the articulation of school curriculum but also make children interested in learning, thereby reducing the reluctance to study which resulted from frustration. Therefore, when choosing an educational toy you have to consider what inspiration it could bring to your children first. (Add recommended products)




A good educational toy can make children learn to contact and get along with each other from a static state. Parents are also able to interact with children in their spare time through educational toys to enhance children's social skills and let them understand how to express their emotion, care about others’ feelings, grow leadership and share what they have. (Add recommended products)




For toys which are played by children, safety is essential. Before buying educational toys, you have to check whether there are EU-certified CE marks, ST safety toy marks or ASTM safety marks (US). If the toys are with ropes, be careful with the length of the ropes that they should not be too long to prevent children from being strangled while playing. Furthermore, the design of the toys should not have sharp corners to avoid being cut and beware of the firmness of the parts when assembling to avoid choking or injury. (Add recommended products)




As children tend to recognize objects by biting and touching, non-toxic materials are necessary for educational toys. Beware of the materials, accessories as well as coatings of educational toys which should have certain safety. Besides, it is required that when purchasing the toys, you should check the details on the product label including what paint and glue are used so that as a seller, you will not have to worry about safety issues after the products are sold. (Add recommended products)



The first choice for educational toys -SabMatt

If you want to find competitive educational toys, SabMatt's wooden toy models have absolute advantages. In addition to the delicate wooden parts and appearance which are surprisingly attractive to consumers, they are capable of stimulating children's logical way of thinking and development of the muscles on hand through the assembly process. When operating the models children’s cognitive ability can be inspired by touching the parts in different shapes. Even adults find it magical because of its detailed parts, mobile and operable features. This kind of model toys have certain value and significance since they may not be thrown away like other ordinary children's toys when children grow up.


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Summary of choosing educational toys

Educational toys can accompany children in their stage of growth and make them learn diversely. Children can get used to learning and thinking during playing and cultivate concentration as well as cognitive ability at the same time. This help make the articulation of their future life faster and learn new things more easily. SabMatt specializes in manufacturing various wooden toys. Do you want to know more about wooden educational toys? Feel free to contact us.


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