How can teaching stamps help children?

November 14,2022
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Children are born with the ability to play. It can stimulate their physical senses, know themselves, explore the world, and inspire various possibilities through playing. According to scientific research, the brain development of children aged 0-3 can reach 60% of adults, and the brain development of children aged 3-6 can be as high as 80% of adults. That is to say, the abilities that children acquires before the age of 6 will be with them in their whole life.

What are teaching stamps? What kinds of stamps are there? How can I help learning with the teaching stamps? Follow below article to find out!


What are teaching stamps?

Teaching stamps are learning toys for children of all ages to play, stimulate their senses, develop their brains, and improve their flexibility. There are many types of teaching seals and many ways to play. For example, children's five senses can be stimulated through the color of the stamps and the action of stamping, and the brain can also be trained through the numbers, words, and images on the stamp. The following are the common types of teaching stamp toys.


Five types of teaching stamps


1.Numeral Teaching Stamps

The numeral teaching stamps are engraved with a variety of numbers and mathematical formulas, such as numbers 1~100, Sudoku, 1-10 match, addition within 15, calculation formulas…, etc. By practicing stamping repeatedly, it can not only strengthen memorizing, but also interest children in mathematics.

How to play: Invite children to find the designated numeral teaching stamp, randomly pick a few numbers and test the child's answer after doing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


2.Word Teaching Stamps

Although children have not yet understood the meaning of words, by frequently stamping the word teaching stamps, children can observe the same words repeatedly, which can help enhance memorizing and children who are not able to write or hold a pen yet can practice describing and understanding the structure of words. However, children tend to understand images better than words. Therefore, it is recommended that in the early stage of learning, adults should keep mentoring by their side so that children can learn to read and write more quickly.

How to play: Ask children to find the designated word teaching stamps and use them to stamp a complete sentence.


3.Image Teaching Stamps

Children aged 2-3 are in the stage of observation and cognition and they are infinitely curious about external things. They have strong curiosity and keep asking questions when they find certain images represent special meanings. During this period, it is recommended to start learning colors, shapes, sizes, symbols and other information so that children can connect these related things quickly. For example, before taking children into the insect park, you can ask them to use the image teaching seals such as butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies to establish a preliminary understanding in advance so that they could make connections more quickly when seeing insects.

How to play: Specify the number of stamps and graphics such as 4 frogs, and ask children to stamp the corresponding conditions to complete a painting through image teaching stamps.

Image Teaching Stamps

4.Geographical Teaching Stamps

In addition to mathematics and English, geography is also a very important knowledge. However, it is too abstract and boring for children to recognize countless places and countries by relying solely on the globe or maps with standard lines and colors. By integrating the geographical knowledge into the teaching stamps can not only stimulate children's curiosity and interests in learning, but also help children quickly understand their country and explore the world if parents can mentor them by their sides!

How to play: After stamping a blank geographical stamp, ask children to fill in colors for the designated countries and regions.
Geographical Teaching Stamps

5.3D Geometry Teaching Stamps

It is particularly difficult to explain geometric figures in a mathematical way, but it can be easier to understand and cultivate children's space concept at the same time by using 3D geometry teaching stamps to visually present various shapes such as cylinders and triangular columns.

How to play: Apply common objects in life and ask children to find the corresponding 3D geometric teaching stamps, such as ice cream cones and delicious donuts. Break up the teaching stamps and ask children to find 2 stamps with the same shape.

3D Geometry Teaching Stamps


4 Main Reasons that Teaching Stamps Can Help Children


1.Promote the Ability of Visual Development

According to the research, children's visual acuity is only around 0.6 at the age of 6 months, and they will not have the same vision as adults until the age of 1. Therefore, during this period, they have to receive information such as shapes, sizes, and colors of objects through their eyes continuously to develop and stimulate the growth of their visual ability. Besides, children are short-sighted when they are born so the pictures they see are blurred, and they have no ability to perceive and distinguish colors. Therefore, during the period of 0 to 6 months old, their visual development can first be stimulated by simple teaching stamps. Until 6 months old, by selecting teaching stamps in diverse colors and rich graphic changes can stimulate children’s brain strongly and promote the development of cognitive ability through colors and graphic changes.


2.Train Hand-eye Coordination

The development of hand-eye coordination is crucial, and it is related to the foundation of children's future learning of various abilities, such as whether they can take care of themselves and maintain a sense of balance…, etc. If you want children to develop such ability, you can ask them to use the teaching stamps or their small hands to touch the ink pad directly and try to print colors on papers and clothing. By doing so, it can stimulate children's tactile sensory cognition, train to control hand muscles and improve stability as well as hand-eye coordination so that the sensation will be more flexible and sophisticated.


3.Improve Creativity and a Sense of Understanding

Since children have not yet known how to read and literate in the growing stage, they understand and memorize each word as an image. Teaching stamps are completely based on "images" to extend and present a variety of content, such as animals, doodling, character lines…, etc. By doing so children can develop their left and right brains and acquire sense of creativity, thinking ability and high learning efficiency in a clearer and simpler way. After printing the patterns, children can also paint with brush and ink to create infinite possibilities for their own pieces freely.


4.Develop the ability to focus

Children's interests and motivation to learn are the keys to building concentration. Teaching stamps use children's favorite stamping games to create various graphic changes connecting with their brain development. For example, some teaching stamps are engraved with numerical formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, point-to-point match diagrams, and text filling in the blanks. These games can make children experience the fun of stamping, cultivate patience, concentration and the ability to discover things. Furthermore, different types of arithmetic questions are also able to train logical thinking. As you may discovered, stamping is not only fun but also one of the best ways to learn knowledge!


Toys for Your Kids - SabMatt Teaching Stamp

SabMatt is composed of a group of designers who love education. From the perspective of children's learning, SabMatt has launched a series of teaching stamps in various shapes and with high-quality color inks developed and produced by ourselves. Children are able to learn different knowledge in a free and relaxed way, promote the development of the five senses, and explore infinite possibilities and creativity at the same time!

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Toys can help children grow and cultivate the five senses in a balanced manner at the same time. In addition to helping the establishment of self-character, they can also promote the development of brains and bodies, laying a good foundation for various skills! SabMatt provides a variety of educational toys for children, from educational stamps, wooden educational toys to many kinds of models. Our goals are to make children learn and grow while playing in a free and happy way! If you want to know more about the teaching toys, feel free to contact our professional customer service team. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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