What are the key points for choosing wooden toys?

wooden toys

Do you want to know what parents are thinking when picking toys?

As a toy buyer, do you want to know how to get consumers' attention?

Today, SabMatt will teach you how to master consumer thinking through the article and select wooden toys among multiple choices that can bring you a profit.


4 common types of wooden toys

There are many types of wooden toys, and each toy design has its inspiration for children. If you want to understand consumer’s psychology, you can choose wooden toys from the perspective of parents.

Normally, what do parents want to bring to children through toys? The answer would be creativity, logic, thinking ability and concentration. Children can be inspired through playing and cultivate the habit of thinking independently.


1. Building Block Toys - Creativity

Building block-shaped wooden toys can guide children's creative ideas. By building block parts of different sizes, various items can be assembled.

During the assembly process, children are able to use their observation to glance around nearby items and re-think in their minds, and then create their own works

This way can not only stimulate children's imagination, but also cultivate children's hand-making ability at the same time.


2. Wooden Puzzle - Concentration

Wooden puzzles are more durable than normal cardboard puzzles. The game is to break up a painting into many irregular shapes, so that children can try to piece together the complete picture. In the process of piecing together, it can improve memory and concentration indirectly. When the puzzle is successfully finished, children can get a sense of achievement and gradually develop the habit of focusing on completing one thing.


3. Wooden Gear Toy – Logical thinking

The interesting part of wooden gear toys is that the assembled works are interactive, and the design is not too difficult to make children frustrated while playing. The gears of the toys are the important parts of the operation. By assembling from scratch to the operating test after finishing, it can cultivate children's patience indirectly. It can also develop children's logical thinking ability by observing the connection between parts and mechanical operation.


4. Wooden model - cognitive ability

There are various types of wooden models, including architectural, mechanical and animal models, etc. It can build children’s understanding ability from the shape and different characteristics of different models first, and then build the cognitive ability of them by observing and touching during the assembly process.


Different types of toys can bring different inspirations to children, so you can refer to the above types of wooden toys when purchasing and choose products that meet customers’ requirements.


Key points of selecting wooden toys

When choosing wooden toys, parents simply hope children can get enlightenment while playing and ensure that the toys are not harmful to their health. As a result, you have to pay attention to the following points when buying toys:


1. Smooth appearance

Some wooden toys have small flaws inevitably during production, so in order to prevent children from getting injured, we suggest that parents can choose toys which look smooth on the appearance.


2. Safety

Many children put their toys in their mouths while playing and parents tend to be worried that children may accidentally swallow chemical substances. Compared to plastic toys, wooden toys made of natural materials are relatively safe for children.


3. Durability

Wooden toys are more durable compared to plastic toys. You don’t have to be afraid that children throw or smash wooden toys and cause the corners missing, which may increase the risk of cutting them. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about the deterioration of the toy or direct sunlight, which may release toxic substances after being stored for a long time.



What are the advantages of SabMatt's wooden toys?

1. They do not take up space

The wooden model toys are very small in size before assembly and they can be stored in the space of only one book, so you don’t need too much space when wholesaling the goods. The advantage of small size makes parents easy to carry after making the purchase and the desire to buy will not be reduced by difficult transport.


2. Wide variety

SabMatt's wooden toys have total 8 themes, each of them has a specific enlightening meaning. For example, there is historical significance for Da Vinci models and medieval heavy truck models, and there is educational significance of mechanical principles for hydraulic press toys and automata toys.


3. Various gameplay

SabMatt's wooden toys can be assembled and played. After the assembly is finished, they will become movable and interactive toys. Of course, you can also assemble different parts by yourself to make them become other toys. The methods of playing the wooden toys are quite free and various.



Are you still looking for good quality wooden toy products for sale? The target audiences for SabMatt's wooden toys are not only school-age children. Their delicate appearance and novelty have also attracted the attention of many adults. The appearances make them not confined to children toys. Their high-quality textures have certain value as collections.
 If you are still looking for products that suit you, consider taking a look at SabMatt’s wooden toys.

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